Shelburne Farms Field Trip

On Thursday, April 12th, our whole team took a field trip to Shelburne Farms. When we got there, the whole team was split into 4 groups, each with a person who worked at Shelburne Farms. We were lucky enough to be the first group to take a tour of the Inn (Webb’s house) and ending the tour, taking a trip down to the Archives to learn about the history of the Webb’s through diaries (handwritten by them in very unreadable but neat cursive), pictures, and more. We got to take a trip to the Southern Acres graveyard in a wagon pulled by two shire draft horses named General and Rocket. At the graveyard, we each chose a gravestone to record the data from on a chart. The Webb graves were surrounded by hedges.  We had a free time down by the lake to paint, draw, and sketch the beautiful scenery around us.  Walking down the path with buckets of mulch, dumping it every few feet, to restore the walking path through the beautiful pine plantations.  For lunch (which was in between the first  two and the last two activities) we had a lovely, non-rushed picnic by the waterfront.  When we were done eating lunch –if we still had time left– we played a short game of tag or something else with our group.  When we got back from our wonderful trip, we all shared our groups favorite part, which was most commonly the horses.  From what everyone said, we had a fun, amazing time at the farms.  We can’t wait till our next trip to the farms!

By: Loy and Katherine

Persuasive Writing Pieces

We have dived into the depth and beauty of persuasive writing by enriching ourselves in this unit of writing.  We have learned the subtle art of persuasive techniques.  We pushed ourselves to find the perfect or close to perfect topic/issue that would fit our writing abilities.  We picked topics from “I think I should have a dog” to “People using too much technology”.  A sophisticated persuasive outline was developed to help guide us through our writing.  We have grown better and stronger in writing during this period of time.  We have high hopes that we will be able to change the issues we have put in our time to change.  I hope that we have persuaded you that sometimes it’s good to let the beauty and gracefulness of words persuade you.  We hope you understand how important persuasive writing can be and we hope that you will want to write one to, to help change the world.

By: Katherine and Sophie D.

Cindy Morgan talks about writing

Today Cindy Morgan (Jack’s mom but he likes her to be called Samantha’s mom—his twin sister) came into our class to tell us about her job which includes persuasive writing which will be our unit in writing starting Tuesday the 13th. Her job includes writing an article in Kids Vermont magazine.  The articles are called Two Kids and a Twenty because she takes her two kids out to eat for 20 dollars or less. Her job also includes going to restaurants and writing a 500 word limit review on it. We also learned different ways to judge a restaurant and to go back more than once to really judge it.  We had got some good ideas on how to do a persuasive writing piece.


By Kate

This past week of 2/20-2/24

This week on Discover we have been sharing our mysteries with other classmates. We also have been working on reciting poems for two voices, which is when two people read the same poem out loud and it can be if two people are saying the same thing or different at the same time. It can be challenging but fun too! Also we have been working on fluency when were reading out loud to the class. We have also set up email addresses and learned how to use google docs.

In social studies we have been brainstorming strategies  for studying. Here’s what we came up with: Connect what we are studying to familiar topics, Talking and writing-repetition, Spread it out over time,Create a mnemonic device,Look for patterns,Play games, Have parents quiz randomly, Turn into a song or cheer. Tomorrow we will end the day by watching a mystery.

By: Gabriela, Sydney and Michael

Making Hydroelectric Circuits with Advik’s Dad, Mandar Dewoolkar

Today February 20th, we made hydroelectric circuits with Advik’s dad. Hydroelectric circuits are circuits that create electricity and run on water. The water starts at the top of the tube, flows down and comes out, causing a turbine to spin. The turbine is connected to a rod which is connected to a magnet. The magnet spins. There are copper wires around the magnet which are connected to the light bulb.    After a few bumps in the road, each group (containing four or five people) successfully completed a hydroelectric circuit that made a light bulb light up. Everyone found the experiment fun and entertaining.

By: Loy, Sophie D., Hans and Advik

January 27th, 2012

It has been awhile since we have updated our blog! Starting soon the students will be the ones who will be posting at least once a week.

Here are some of the recent happenings on the Discover Team


– We wrapped up our Unit on fractions and division this week and launched our new unit on Geometry on Friday with a mapping project.

-Students are bringing home a geometry map project that involves creating a map while following a list of criteria including geometric shapes, lines and angles. They will have at least one more day in class to work on it, but the rest is expected to be done at home. It is due Friday, February 10th.

Reading and Writing

-Students are over halfway done with their mystery literature groups. It has been a high interest unit as the students discover what makes up a mystery. They are also writing mini-mysteries in Writing Workshop.

Science and Social Studies

-We have one more rotation of Electricity and Geography and then we will be moving onto our Science Fair Projects!


Coming up:

Every Wednesday until 4PM we are having a Homework Club in our team space. Anyone who wants to join us will have the opportunity to use Patrick and Katie as support, the computers for fastmath and type to learn, as well as each other to play math games and complete homework.

Monday(2/6) we are headed to the Flynn for a performance.

Enjoy the long weekend

This was a busy four day week on Discover. We started our literature groups, ended our first unit in math, and learned why everyone’s families came to Vermont!

We will be starting Unit 2 in math next week, some of the major learning goals for this unit are:

-Multiply 1-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers (6 x13)

-Multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers (12 x 13)

-Get better at measuring length in centimeters and finding the area of rectangles

-Learn how to show multiplication problems as arrays


We will also be swapping the Social Studies and Science groups, so the students who have been studying Force and Motion will now be studying Geography, and vice versa.


If you have not signed up for a parent teacher conference yet, please do that on the wiki page to the left of this post. If none of the times work for you please contact one of us and we will find an agreeable date and time.

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend!

Discover News 9/24

Hello all!

We have had another exciting week on Discover! It is crazy to think that 4 weeks have already gone by since we all first met back in August!

Here is what happened this week on Discover:

  • We continued to launch our reader’s and writer’s workshop as we explored new ways to add entries to our notebooks and had discussions about what good readers and writers do.
  • In math we are exploring multiplication and division story problems using rectangular array models
  • In Science, students have been busy constructing their roller coasters!
  • In Social Studies, we just finished up map skills where students made their own maps
Some things coming up over the next few weeks:
– Thursday, October 13th we will be heading to Shelburne Farms for a self guided orienteering trip around the farm. We will be using parent drivers, so this gives parents who are interested in driving and chaperoning some time to get their fingerprints done and auto insurance in. Some folks have already been in contact with Patrick, but we do need some more drivers- Email Patrick or Katie if this is something you are interested in!
– This Wednesday is Fire Prevention Day, where the fire department will be coming in to have some demonstrations and educate us on fire safety.
– Our Word study started this week: From now on students will have a pre test on Tuesdays and their actual spelling test on the following Mondays. On Tuesdays they will bring home a packet that needs to be completed for homework and is due on the following Monday.
Have a great weekend 🙂

Great first full week of school!

Hello Discover families!

Happy Monday! We are excited to report that we had a wonderful first full week of school! The team is getting to know each other better and coming together as a community nicely.

Salsa week was a hit. We smelled the salsa being made all week in the halls of SCS and finally on Friday we got our chance to make and eat some salsa! Thanks to Ana’s mom, Alex’s mom and grandma, Will’s mom, Lauren’s mom and Loy’s mom for coming in and helping make our salsa making experience memorable!

Some highlights of our week (beside salsa making):

  • Working on adding entries to our writer’s notebooks.
  • Getting used to the routines of Reader’s Workshop and getting into the reading zone.
  • Exploring multiplication and division in math.
  • Force and Motion experiments with Patrick, and studying map skills with Katie.

We have another full week ahead of us on Discover. Picture day is this Wednesday 9/21 and don’t forget the Innisbrook wrapping paper sale is currently going on.

Tomorrow we are walking to New Village Farm to do some potato harvesting. Have students wear clothes they don’t mind getting a little dirty. If the weather is rainy, wear boots!

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email anytime!

Have a great week!

Katie and Patrick